KO is a microtransporter, which is adapted to the special needs of modern urban traffic. It is based on the legendary Piaggio Ape. With its three wheels, modularity and small form factor, the Ape is very well suited for transporting small quantities of goods over short distances. However, the Ape has hardly evolved since its introduction in 1948. With the KO microtransporter, I have updated the concept of the Ape to meet the needs of modern urban delivery transport. The KO microtransporter has a short wheelbase and has 3 wheels. This makes it particularly maneuverable and fits into small parking spaces. In addition, the vehicle is very narrow, which is less disruptive to traffic when parked on the side of the road.
To allow quick entry and exit, the driver has a seat pan with an upright driving position. The driver's cab and the door have standing height. The vehicle also has an electric drive with replaceable batteries. This is optimal for short trips with frequent stops. In addition, the vehicle does not need to be recharged, but can be supplied with fresh batteries when loaded. The batteries are located between the rear wheels, which shifts the center of gravity backwards and downwards, which means that the vehicle does not tip over so quickly despite its height. The wheels are based on the Bridgestone Airless Tires, which ensures less rubber abrasion and a lower risk of a defective tire.
The rear body is quickly interchangeable. Thus, the vehicle can be equipped with a flatbed body, a box body, or even a tank or grid body. This makes the KO mini-van an ideal vehicle for parcel, mail and medicine deliveries. In addition, the vehicle can be converted into a cab, removal van or municipal vehicle thanks to the exchangeable body.
Platform body
Platform body
Box body
Box body


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